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Building Communities

Urban&Civic are Master Developers, successfully building communities across the UK, developing and employing place-making strategies that transform brown-field sites into bustling communities with schools, businesses, amenities and thousands of new homes.


An essential component at the heart of every development project is an evolving set of digital communications created to adapt, and reflect the site’s continuing changes in focus. These range from initial consultation work, to development, through to community engagement and ultimately on to house sales – we supported at every stage, working in close partnership with the numerous housebuilders involved in the project.


We employed a sophisticated approach to geotargeting using segmented audiences to help drive the campaigns and enhance engagement. This involved the creation of core community websites that followed the development’s lifecycle and included: resident community portals; an integrated programmatic approach, social media; retargeting and CRM to drive house enquires; and world-class tracking and reporting to attribute sales.



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